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New Vaccination Schedule for Cats and Dogs (09.01.2015)

We updated our vaccination schedule to the latest guidelines of the german association for small animal practitioners. Find more info about the updated vaccination schedule here: Vaccinations


The guidelines are comparable to the ones of the american association of feline practitioners (



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Véto-Mobile Kinshasa's wish list for Christmas 2014

Since Véto-Mobile Kinshasa is a recently founded company we are still in need of some medical equipment.

If you feel like supporting us, please find our wish list below:

  • medical scrubs
  • surgical caps and masks 

  • gloves

  • needles and syringes
  • surgical instruments

  • suture material
  • surgical protective covers
  • bandaging material
  • surface and skin disinfection
  • microscope

  • centrifuge

  • microchip scanner

  • otoscope

  • trimmer

  • portable ultrasound device :-)

We thank you for your support!




First Consultation at Lake Kivu (10. December 2014)

A total of 20 Weimaraners and 1 cat awaited Dr. Freddy Kalonji for their annual vaccination.  

Business Trip to Goma (09. December 2014)

Our promise to you was that Véto-Mobile Kinshasa would serve the entire DRC and here we are: Dr. Freddy Kalonji headed off to the city of Goma which lies on the shores of wonderful lake Kivu.

Abscess in cat (23. Nov. 2014)

Abscesses (accumulation of pus) in cats usually need a surgical treatment during which the surgeon opens, drains and cleans the abscess. After the surgery Dr. Freddy Kalonji prescribed antibiotics for 5 days. 

Timid dog suffering from a blepharitis (22. Nov. 2014)

This shy little dog was seen by Dr. Freddy Kalonji for the treatment of a blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids). 

The dog's story is a very touching one since he was misdiagnosed with a congenital spine malformation by an other veterinarian who even suggested to euthanize the dog. Luckily Dr. Freddy Kalonji was given the opportunity to examine the dog. The dog didn't suffer from a spine malformation but from a simple respiratory infection!

Medical Check-Up (22. Nov.2014)

Today Dr.Freddy Kalonji returned to the province of Bandundu to visit the goats born in October 2014. As you can see the goats are healthy and gained weight.

Good News (16. Nov. 2014)

The bitch suffering from a pyometra (uterine infection) survived thanks to the antibiotics treatment prescribed by Dr. Freddy Kalonji.

Spaying and Neutering saves lives! (16. Nov. 2014)

Find 10 reasons to spay or neuter your pet here:


Bitch suffering from a pyometra (04. Nov. 2014)

Today Dr. Freddy Kalonji went to see a 12 year old bitch suffering from a pyometra (uterine infection). Due to her history of a heart failure and her current state of illness Dr Freddy Kalonji and the owner decided to forgo surgery.  The dog was prescribed a high-dose antibiotic therapy.

3 Puppies get their first Check Up (03. Nov. 2014)

These 3 cute little puppies got their first check up. They are doing great!

Horse with Fever and Anorexia (18 Oct. 2014)

A horse with fever and anorexia was presented to Dr. Freddy Kalonji at the Cercle Hippique de Kinshasa. After examinating the horse thoroughly Dr. Freddy prescribed antibiotics. He will be back next week for an echographic examination.

Mastitis treatment (08 oct. 2014)

This morning (08 Oct. 2014) Dr. Freddy Kalonji went to see this great dane suffering from a mastitis 14 days after the birth of her cute little puppies.

Small ruminants obstetrics - province of Bandundu (05 oct. 2014)

Today Dr. Freddy Kalonji rushed to Mayi-Ndombe - 160 kilometers from Kinshasa - to treat a goat having birthing difficulties (dystocia). That's pretty tough work!

Congratulations! (01 Oct.2014)

Dr. Freddy Kalonji has been nominated to become faculty assistant at the faculty of veterinary sciences, university of Kinshasa. 

Main tasks:

  • research assistant
  • supporting students in clinical practice
  • small animal internal medicine and surgery 

World Rabies Day Sept. 28 - get your dog a rabies shot!

The world rabies day is a global opportunity for people to focus on rabies prevention. It's a day of activism and awareness.


Rabies is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Each year it kills more than 70'000 people - mostly children in developing countries such as the DRC. Dogs are the main carriers of rabies: over 95% of human cases of rabies are due to bites from infected dogs. Mass vaccination of dogs is the most effective method to permanently interrupt the disease's infectious cycle between animals and humans.  So get your dog a rabies shot! (Read more:


Unfortunately, rabies is still a serious public health threat in the DRC. On the occasion of a rabies outbreak in the DRC in 2012 Dr. Freddy Kalonji answered questions about rabies on radio Okapi: 


First aid after a bite:

  1. Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water for at least 15 minutes
  2. Apply ethanol or a similar antiseptic to prevent secondary infection
  3. Seek urgent medical attention. You need to start post-exposure prophylaxis as soon as possible