Social Engagement 

Rabies is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Each year it kills more than 70'000 people (OIE) - mostly children in developing countries such as the DRC. Dogs are the main carriers of rabies: over 95% of human cases of rabies are due to bites from infected dogs. 

Even though rabies has been eliminated in the western world it still remains a major public health threat in the DRC and other developing countries. Despite numerous severe rabies outbreaks in the DRC the disease has been neglected by the media and health decision makers. 

The estimated dog population of Kinshasa counts more than 25'000 individuals. Only a minor part of the congolese population has access to the veterinary healthcare system and even less people possess the financial means to vaccinate their dogs. The costs of a single rabies shot add up to 50 $ (price of Véto-Mobile, 70$ elsewhere). 50 $ are far more than the average monthly income of a congolese household!

It is time to act!


How can we stop the spread of rabies?


Véto-Mobile would like to make a contribution to the fight against rabies. During the next 5 years free rabies vaccination is given to dogs in 100 households in the district of Kintambo. Additional awareness campaigns are held in schools to inform the community about this deadly disease. The aim of these campaigns are to enhance the knowledge about the transmission cycle, preventive measures and first-aid after a bite.  


We hope that with your help we can increase the number of vaccinated dogs from 500 to 5.000 in five years.